Advantages of Laminate Flooring

  • Price and Installation: Laminate flooring is cheaper and easier to install than most floors available. Laminate flooring can be placed on top of almost any existing floor, and our laminate offer a glue-free, tongue-and-groove system. The interlocking planks make it easy to install and it can be uninstalled without damaging the laminate or the original flooring underneath.

  • Durability: Laminate flooring works well in high-traffic areas and homes with pets. It is almost scratch-resistant with a long term warranty.

  • Resale Value: Laminate flooring can add to the resale value of your home. Most home buyers are looking for hardwood floors instead of carpet. Laminate gives you the wood look for less and can make your home look more open and modern.

  • Good for Moist Places: Laminate flooring can be installed in most places where you encounter “topical moisture” But it will not tolerate standing pools of water. However, let’s be clear that neither solid hardwood nor engineered wood can tolerate standing water, either.

  • Easy to Clean: Just use a vacuum or broom. Mop with a slightly damp mop. No floor waxing needed.

  • Resists Stains: Our Lamanite flooring’s tough surface resists stains and NEVER fades. If you do get a stain, it’s easy to clean it off.